Intern Reflection

Nicole Karwowski
February 18, 2020

I am officially nearing the end of my internship, which is a little bit upsetting since I don’t want this experience to end. I have learned so much throughout this short period of this summer. There have been so many opportunities for me to meet some amazing people that I know will be beneficial in my future. Evan, James, Virginia, and Lisa have been giving me tips on how to succeed since the very beginning. Being in that kind of work environment is very valuable, it feels like a second home and family.

Most of the people in my age group would not be able to gain the amount of experience I got as a result of this summer’s internship. Since I am continuing to write blogs and journals regularly; Evan, my mom, and I have noticed a vast upgrade in my writing skills. Due to the fact that I was involved with Evan and other people who work at the Fuquay Coworking, attending different meetings, my speaking skills have improved. If a few years or even a few months ago, you would have told me that I would be able to speak in front of 70+ people without being too nervous, I would not have believed you. This internship has also given me the ability to create my own website and continue to extend my portfolio.

My day is never the same, we are always doing something different, but the basics are the same. I come into the office at the same time (1 pm) and leave around the same time (5 pm). I have found that having at least a little bit of background, from taking computer classes in school, have been helpful. I don’t think I would be able to learn as fast, or been able to succeed without taking a Multimedia and Webpage Design or Digital Media class. These helped me understand the basics of website design and being able to grasp and learn how to use WordPress.

Prior to this internship, I would have never considered majoring in website design in college, but now after learning more about the field, I am contemplating double majoring with design and something business. Although I’m still not sure exactly what I want to do, this experience is going to help me decide what I want to do when I “grow up” and where I decide to go to school in the very near future.

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