Internet Marketing Contributions to RyePoint during Internship

Nicole Karwowski
March 10, 2020

My main contribution to RyePoint during this internship is Internet Marketing, writing blogs (and SEO) and creating graphics (logos, blog images). These are usually done on WordPress, which I am still in the process of learning how to use, but it is getting much easier to find my way around. As of now, most of the blogs are the journals that I am required to write for the internship, but there have been a few that I have written that is about something that I have learned during my internship, such as: “The Design of Sites” and “Create a Website with WordPress – Easier than Wix”. Sometime in the next week, I’m going to be writing about the breakdown of Google, meaning I will be explaining what organic listings, 3 pack, and AdWords are. I really enjoy writing about the things I have been learning, so in case I need it, I can always go back and reread what I learned.

I’m really proud that I have the opportunity to have such a wonderful experience to learn about internet marketing/graphics and to be able to meet other business people. I have found that the office being a coworking space, that I am less nervous about talking to people and introducing myself. I don’t think that I will ever be perfect at public speaking, but I’m getting a lot better. As I mention in one of the previous journals, I’m really proud that I am now considered an “editor” in the WordPress world. This is where I can edit posts that were not originally created by me. As Evan said when he read my journal, “one month in real time, is like a year in internet time”.

Every couple days, both Evan and I do some keyword research and write down RyePoint’s positions on the organic listings. We have broken up the results into 3 different sections: the office, my house, and Evan house, and in all of these different places, the results have been different. We’ve found that the closer you are geographically to the business’ location, the higher up on the list you will be. These past couple days I have worked from home, having a Skype meeting with Evan to discuss what I have completed and added more to my to-do list. Along with that, today, I attended a meeting at Original Strength in Fuquay Varina, In Fuquay-Varina, where we discussed social media tips and how local business should support each other. In addition, I met a couple other business including Chocolate Fix, Graff Photography, and Original Strength Institute.

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