Getting to Know Your Customers

Evan Caulfield
February 25, 2020

You may be thinking, is there a way for really getting to know your customers? There is an easier way to understand them, but according to “The Design of Sites”, “there is no secret formula”.  All people are different, as are all customers. Not everyone visiting a website is going for the same reasons, whether it’s online shopping, movies, games, or education. Be sure to do some research on which parts of your website get more traffic and if something isn’t doing well consider removing it.

Let’s pretend that you are a website design company in charge of a website, try creating made up scenarios to figure out how your clients view your site. For example, ‘Jamie is a 29-year-old woman who is searching for a reliable business to come up with an invitation for her baby boy, Carmen’s first birthday. He is a very energetic baby who loves playing in the sand. When she visits the website, the first thing she looks at is the prices page and then she looks at the portfolio, just to get an idea of what to expect. She finds the prices manageable and goes to the contact page to get in touch with the business owner. Jamie spent a total of 30 minutes visiting the website.’ While this may seem silly, it can be very beneficial in trying to figure out what aspects of the website should be added or removed. This can ultimately help you understand your possible target audience.

Another option could be creating focus groups or surveys to better understand and have direct feedback on the website and what should be modified. These groups tend to include a variety of people, so you will get opinions from all walks of life. Something that I find rather interesting is that some business owners go to the extent of inviting their customers to lunch or coffee just to discuss how to improve their site. I know it may be an added expense, but it can be beneficial and bring more traffic to your site. Your customers will give their feedback. At first, they may be hesitant, but after you explain what you are trying to achieve and that it will benefit the customer experience, they should be happy to help.

As you can see, there are many steps to getting to know your customers. Just remember, do not make a drastic decision based on what one person tells you. Everyone is different, so in the end, getting to know your customers can help your business grow.

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