Create a Website with WordPress – Easier than Wix

Nicole Karwowski
February 15, 2020

Have you ever wanted to create a website, but don’t want to code everything yourself? Well, I have news for you! There’s this amazing program that you can use to Create a Website with WordPress. When I first signed into a WordPress account, I thought it looked very complicated and that it would take me FOREVER to learn. I was wrong! Although it does look intimidating, it’s not hard at all. Using WordPress, you can create your whole website from scratch, getting the satisfaction from doing so. You can also customize your website to be you, and really, there’s nothing better than that!

Wix is also a do it yourself website, but with very limited customization. In addition, it’s very hard to personalize because everyone creating a Wix website has the same exact tools as you do and there is nothing to differentiate your website from someone else’s. At school, they taught us how to do some basic coding, and then had us create a website using Wix, where none of those lessons really applied. I was very frustrated, while I was using Wix because the preview of the website was nothing like what I wanted and it was very hard to manipulate and get it to look like the way I wanted.

Having some experience in both Wix and WordPress, I found that creating a website with WordPress is more user-friendly. As I  previously mentioned, I enjoy being able to create something that doesn’t have a set template, and you can design your website to how you like it, not how it’s given. On WordPress, you can install different types of plug-ins to create an even better website. For example, you can add a contact sheet or a portfolio slider. These additional plug-ins can give you the opportunity for endless designs and a website different from any other.

Let RyePoint Create a Website with WordPress for you now!

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