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Success Story #1:
Monthly Sales Jump from $8,000 per month to over $78,000 per month

ShowerDoorKing’s Problem:

Al Bruch, owner of ShowerDoorKing.com, came to Cybermed in need of a major website makeover and content update. His company sells and installs high-end shower doors and enclosures. His business had been online for 7 years and he wasn’t seeing the sales he wanted to see; in fact after 7 years, visitors to his site only numbered between 10 to 15 views a month. He knew his site was nearly invisible to prospects shopping online.

RyePoint’s Solution:

“When Bruch came to us he knew he needed a major design and content update,” said Evan Caulfield, principal of RyePoint. “We listened to his needs and asked questions about who his target market was in terms of who he wanted to reach. We did a complete makeover on his site, targeting the high-end customer who was shopping online for high quality shower doors. By appealing to that customer, tightening his marketing message, doing keyword research, optimizing the site so that it ranked high in the search engines and driving traffic to his site, ShowerDoorKing.com became highly visible to the customers it wanted to reach.
Within one week of the ShowerDoorKing.com’s site redesign and optimization, their monthly traffic jumped to five times the traffic the old site had received. In each month following the redesign, their traffic consistently doubled.

ShowerDoorKing.com Today

“RyePoint Internet Marketing is performing an amazing job for me that transformed my business from a small outfit to an industry leader in our field, said Bruch. In just one year, traffic to my new website has skyrocketed from an average of 10 to 15 visitors every month to 1,500 visitors per month. My online business has blown away my competitors. We are now the leader in our industry in the Washington, DC metro area.”
Not only did traffic to my site consistently double, reported Bruch, “but the visitors I was attracting kept clicking deeper into other pages of my site. And the ROI? It was incredible. My revenue from the old site averaged about $8,000 a month. Within 13 months, my monthly sales topped $78,000. Every time RyePoint performs search engine optimization services on my site, traffic jumps even higher. Cyberned’s company slogan couldn’t be more accurate: He doesn’t just build websites. He builds businesses.”

Success Story #2:
Customers now drive two hours to do business with Car Trendz

CarTrendz’s Problem:

When Washington DC metro area Tai Nguyen opened Car Trendz, he contacted RyePoint Inc. about building a flashy and trendy website to represent his business. He wanted to expand his customer base, which at the time, only served a local, neighborhood clientele. Car Trenz, located in Alexandria, VA, sells high-end, state-of-the art sound, multimedia, security and navigation systems; custom design services and installations for automobiles, trucks and vans. He wanted a website with all the bells and whistles—flashy graphics, music, you name it. Says Nguyen, “I wanted all the current website technologies because I was so dazzled by it; I was prepared to pay the price to have all the high-tech features because I thought it would impress customers.”

RyePoint’s Solution:

RyePoint Marketing’s principal Evan Caulfield shocked Nguyen when Caulfield told him he didn’t agree with him. What stunned Nguyen in part, was that all those bells and whistles would have meant more money for Caulfield’s company. Caulfied told Nguyen, “You don’t need your website to entertain people like you would if you were putting on a circus. Your website needs to deliver a crystal clear marketing message conveying your professionalism, your commitment to service and the fact that you do top-quality, state-of-the-art installations that your customers will love and tell their friends about.”

“I really thought my customers would love a site with flashy features. Then I realized how slow those sites were to load and how clunky they were to navigate. I didn’t like the wait time; my customers wouldn’t either. So I started listening to Evan and gave the go-ahead for the new site,” Nguyen said.

Customers Drive Two Hours to Do Business with CarTrendz 

With RyePoint’s SEO skills and website marketing expertise, it wasn’t long before CarTrendz.com appeared in the top rankings of the search engines, generating a significant increase in traffic to the business.  Customers love the new Car Trendz website, Nguyen reported.

“Prior to the website launch, my customers came from the local neighborhood. Today, thanks to the SEO marketing that RyePoint does every month for me, the high search engine rankings generate constant traffic to my site. Now, reports Nguyen, I’m amazed to see customers driving as much as two hours to bring their vehicles to me.”

Success Story #3:
Sweet Success for Cake Bakers When Business Goes Online

GloryBeCakes’s Problem:

When Gloria and Rick Klemencic contacted RyePoint Marketing in 2007, they had been baking cakes professionally for nearly 20 years. Thanks to mouth-watering recipes and Gloria’s phenomenal cake decorating artistry, Glory Be Cakes had loyal customers who regularly called on them to create their deliciously edible masterpieces for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, promotions, retirements and other special occasions. After nearly two decades of business based primarily on word-of-mouth, the Klemencic’s recognized they needed to grow their customer base because those customers were growing older and having fewer celebrations calling for their specialized cakes.

RyePoint’s Solution: 

Wanting to reach a newer, younger clientele, the Klemencic’s knew they needed to take their business online. They found RyePoint Marketing in their search for an affordable website designer. They found a good fit with RyePoint’s owner, Evan Caulfield.

“I liked Evan immediately,” said Gloria, “because he took the time to sit with us and listen to our ideas. Once he understood our business and what we wanted to achieve, he came back to us with variety of custom designs.” Caulfield also showed the Klemencic’s how he could save them a great deal of time in their initial consultations with clients by putting Glory Be Cake’s unique cake designs into an online gallery. For the Klemencic’s this was a thrilling time-saver. The process of pouring over their inventory of cake designs usually took a minimum of an hour and often took longer. For a busy two-person enterprise, these lengthy appointments took precious time away from their cake making and created some very long work days.

The Klemencic’s were thrilled with the new customized website designed by RyePoint; it forever changed the way they conducted business.

Photo gallery protects the Glory Be Cakes original designs 

The new Glory Be Cakes website was particularly effective in delivering an online photo gallery of 1,000 protected cake designs. RyePoint protected the Klemencic’s proprietary cake designs by placing a block on all of the gallery photos. This block prevents competitors from downloading the photographs and using the designs. At the same time, whenever Gloria needs to use a photo, she unlocks the protected photos with a password and downloads it to a printer, using a program that RyePoint designed. She then puts the photo on an overhead projector, projecting the entire image onto the cake. “The projected patterns,” Gloria explains, “are exact replicas of the designs our customers choose, so they’re never disappointed.”

As of a result of their website and their ongoing relationship with Caulfield and RyePoint Marketing, life is sweeter than ever for Glory Be Cakes. In June 2009, the busiest month of their year, they achieved a production level never possible without the efficiencies and technologies of their website. Nowadays, an average non-June week means producing between 20 and 40 cakes, a sweet victory for the Klemencic’s.

“Evan Caulfield and RyePoint Marketing have been by our side every step of the way, since the launch of GloryBeCakes.com, helping us succeed on the Internet. One thing about Evan that continues to impress me to this day,” explains Gloria, “is that he is right there whenever we need him. He’s a lifeline for us; he returns calls and emails quickly. When our computer crashed, he worked with Rick for two days straight until we could once again access our online orders. He didn’t stop until everything was fixed.”

New customers for Glory Be Cakes

Gloria continues, “Our website has introduced us to so many new customers we could never have reached before we took our business online. We always receive so many compliments from too. They appreciate our professionalism and the ease with which they can make a perfect selection for their special occasion.”

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