Facebook Marketing – Essential Steps Social Media Success

Nicole Karwowski
February 16, 2020

You just started a business, what now? Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, other social media and you don’t know where to begin. Let’s start with Facebook. You know that you need to somehow market your business on Facebook, but how? Start off by creating a page, not a personal one but a business one. This is just for business reasons, you don’t want to post personal stuff on your business page and vice-versa. People that you are friends with may not want to constantly see everything related to your business, as the people following your business page don’t want to know everything about your friends and family.

Now that your page has been made, there are 6 easy steps to personalize it. The first thing you should always do is add an image, I know when I’m looking at posts, I’m always drawn to the ones that have images included. Next, you want to invite people as this will ensure that people will see your site and tell others about your page. This goes directly to the next step, spreading the word about your Facebook – Social Medial Marketing account. Post regular updates, that’s all people ever look for, they are not likely to remember a business that never updates their social media. You definitely shouldn’t forget about promoting your Facebook page on your website or adding your contact information. This will make it a lot easier for people to contact you, they wouldn’t need to search everywhere for it. Another tip for posting is to post manually, don’t have other sites set up posts since they look too similar to advertisements. You do not want your posts to get lost among others. They need to stand out.

Remember to keep in contact with people and ask them to like/recommend you. These relationships can help direct more traffic to your page and eventually to your website. On that note, be sure to link your website to your posts that are relevant. I regularly look at pages and notice that I’m drawn to ones that post regularly, so a good idea could be to post something once a day. For example, you can do motivation Mondays, or throwback Thursdays. This can either be something fun to include along with your regular posts, or you can make the posts related to your business.

Something to keep in mind, whenever updating the page, is that the majority of people that are on Facebook are usually using mobile phones. There are things that may not be viewable on a smartphone. This is one of the most aggravating things when I’m opening links and they don’t work properly on a phone.

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