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Your best prospects and customers are making buying decisions every day on social networking sites. Social Media Marketing connecting to social-savvy companies’ products and services.
They’re responding to Facebook ads customized to their personal interests. They’re making dinner reservations based on “Awesome filet mignon!” tweets and buying trendy clothes “pinned” on Pinterest. They’re promoting their expertise to connections on LinkedIn, the world’s leading business networking site.

Smart Companies Start Social Media Conversations

The time is long gone when you could depend solely on your website to sell your company. You can’t wait for customers to come to you. You have to meet them outside of your comfort zone in places where they socialize and network, share their experiences good and bad, and make buying decisions about everything under the sun. It’s time to start the conversation about your products and services in the fast-paced world of social networking. With guidance from the social media marketing experts at RyePoint Internet Marketing, you’ll soon become the life of the party.

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Google Rewards Social Media Marketers

Google decides how high to rank your website in organic search results by factoring in many aspects of your online presence, including activity on social networking sites. Google sees how often you make informative posts and videos on Facebook, how many genuine “Likes” you receive and how many people follow you on Twitter. Google pays attention to your online reputation by noticing what customers are saying about you on Yelp and other customer review sites.

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Most Popular Social Networking Sites

The explosion of social networking has created many popular social media sites. Facebook led the charge, but others have followed with their own unique twist on social media engagement. Here are the 10 most popular social networking websites as of May 15, 2014 and their average unique monthly visitors:

Facebook – 900,000,000

LinkedIn – 255,000,000

Google+ – 120,000,000

Instagram – 100,000,000

Flickr – 65,000,000

Twitter – 310,000,000

Pinterest – 250,000,000

Tumblr – 110,000,000

VK – 80,000,000

MySpace – 42,000,000

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Smart Marketers Shine in Social Media


Social media marketing is a branding bonanza for smart marketers. It can drive unprecedented traffic to your website or blog. Connecting with your target markets in an engaging way can make your phone ring off the hook, capture new customers and transform your current customers into enthusiastic advocates of your brand. Social networking is a world where one clever video can circle the globe at the speed of light and make a small company a household word overnight.

Where do you begin if you’re new to social media? Understanding which social channels are the best fit for your business is a job for Ryepoint’s internet marketing experts. Once we understand your target markets and online business goals, we’ll develop a comprehensive Social Media Marketing strategy that connects with your markets and integrates seamlessly with your website marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing strategies.

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