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A strong and active social network is the best way for your business to connect and communicate with people and other businesses. Social networking is all about building meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships through conversations.

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Conversations bring about familiarity, giving your customers opportunities to get to know you, to begin to like you, and most importantly, to develop trust in you. When they trust you, they buy from you.

Are you talking to your prospects? Are you listening to them?

Let us show you how to use social media for marketing and growing your business – and starting conversations.


At RyePoint Internet Marketing, we offer you a professional partnership in creating profitable conversations between you and your audience. Our systematic approach will help you develop an engaging social media presence that will build your reputation and help you sell your products and services.

First, let’s ensure you understand what social media marketing is.


Social media is a general term used to incorporate all of the various communication platforms we now use to share information. The most popular social networks, of course, are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, but they’ve been joined by a host of other platforms that are growing in popularity and use such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit.

The media used are many:  videos, infographics, blogs, ebooks, webinars, photos, live online meetings, forums, and training events – and the list continues to grow as new technologies emerge. Social media marketing is a puzzle – many pieces coming together to form a cohesive strategy. Networking your strategy is not a random or occasional task – it’s an ongoing, consistently engaging approach that fosters continuous interaction.

Social media marketing requires a professionally developed action plan. We can help you with that.

“A business without a strong social media presence is doomed to fail.”

And that’s where the marketing aspect of social media comes in. You need effective ways to reach out to your customers and prospects with your great product or service, compelling and informative content to share, and a strong call to action. In short, social media marketing strategies are the best way to disseminate awareness of your features and benefits and convert visitors into buyers.

So how strong is your social networking presence? RyePoint will help you build brand awareness through our comprehensive four-tier process.

RyePoint’s Four-Tier Process

Our process involves four key analytical factors:  a social audit, a marketing strategy, performance metrics analysis,
and post-assessment recommendations.

Social Audit. The first tier involves determining the strength of your presence on social networks. Do you have a business Facebook page? A LinkedIn profile for your company? Which networks are creating the most engagement for your business? Are you active on any networks that are resulting in poor ROI of time and marketing dollars? We’ll examine your social relevance statistics in order to build an Internet presence that will improve your bottom line.

Social Media Marketing Strategy. We’ll help you build your brand with strategies that will define and geo-locate your target audience, build informative content for your business that provides value for your customers and prospects, and plan and conduct marketing campaigns to create buzz and get people engaged in conversation about your business.

Performance Metrics Analysis. We’ll monitor the incoming results of the marketing strategies and measure and compile performance levels. These metrics will include reporting that monitors your social reach and community growth, analysis of social opportunities, and measures of return on investment to determine your cost per buyer.

Post-Assessment Recommendations. In the final tier, we’ll conduct an assessment of your social metrics before and after marketing plan implementation, discover what’s working best for your business, and determine areas for improvement.

Your strategic marketing plan should have a clear goal, SMART objectives to reach the goal, should target the right social networks for your business, include a competitive analysis, outline the methodologies to be used to market your business, and a content management plan, all based on a realistic budget.

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing


An active online social presence helps your customers and prospects get to know, like, and trust you. The result is thought leader credibility. You become a familiar authority in your field of expertise and people will want to come to you for answers.

Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI. Social media marketing offers a high return on investment and social networks offer many cost effective options for advertising. When you share high-quality content, your brand awareness can grow virally when your customers get excited about sharing your information in their networks. And when they share, it costs you nothing!


Sharing your content through social media marketing makes you an information resource. Others will look to you for clarity and visit your site often for the most comprehensive research information.


The most important benefit of all is the new set of relationships you will build as your social media marketing strategies succeed in starting conversations.

So … are you ready to start some conversations?

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