Search Engine Marketing

Search is the number-one source of traffic to websites which means that the majority of your online customers come from typing a keyword phrase in a search engine. When your website is properly optimized for that keyword phrase, it appears as a search listing on the first search results pages. If the wording of your search listing gets their attention, they’ll click and go to your website.

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The rest of your website traffic comes from three other sources

Online Advertising which consists of Search Advertising such as Adwords and Display Advertising such as Facebook ads and the Google Advertising Network

Social Media Marketing on various social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Referral Marketing encompasses website traffic that comes from links to your site from other websites. Most Internet research marketing firms don’t include traffic from social media sites in their “referral marketing” statistics; instead, they keep separate statistics on social media traffic.

” When your website is optimized by the SEO pros at RyePoint Internet Marketing and your high-quality content is created by our award-winning writers and marketed regularly online, you’ll have a winning combination that maximizes your search engine marketing efforts. “

Pioneers in Search Engine Optimization

Pioneers in SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing), RyePoint Internet Marketing, a North Carolina internet marketing firm, has guided clients through the choppy waters of Internet marketing since 1995. We’ve learned that change is the only certainty in SEO. As your marketing partner, our job is to be vigilant and monitor significant changes in how searchers behave and how Google and other search engines behave.  Then we take advantage of the changes to improve your search engine rankings which sends more traffic to your website.

Successful Search Engine Marketing in 2016

In the early days of SEO, keywords were KING, and our job as SEO pros was more technical in nature. Today content is KING, and a successful SEO strategy depends on a close collaboration between keywords and content marketing.

Definition: Content marketing is the creation of top-notch, engaging content which incorporates the targeted keywords seamlessly in a compelling style that:

Improves search engine rankings

Increases traffic to your website

Excites your visitors

Converts more visitors into customers.

When RyePoint’s SEO team needs to improve search engine rankings for certain keywords for our clients like “model train kits,” or “Hawaii vacations on a budget,” we bring in our content writers to create more pages of quality content that relates to and uses those keywords. Learn more about the power of Content Marketing.

How our SEO Team Helps You Succeed Online

We begin with a comprehensive Four-Point SEO Check-up of your website
and your company’s general visibility in the online community:

Technical Check-Up

Is your website’s structure “SEO friendly?” Does its structure make it easy for search engines to “crawl” and index your content? Even the most attractive-looking website can have deep structural problems, making it virtually invisible to search engines and preventing it from being ranked.

On-page Optimization Check-Up

Does your website content have keyword phrases used by searchers looking for your kind of business? Are you using HTML tags to highlight the subjects of your pages so that search engines know what your website is all about? On-page optimization is a critical component of successful search engine marketing.

Content Quality Check-Up

Does your website have compelling high-quality content that highlights your “brand” on every page? Does your content deliver helpful and interesting information site visitors need to make a decision and take action? In other words, does your website content transform visitors into customers?

Off-page Optimization Check-Up

Do other websites reference and link to your website? Is your company and website mentioned on social media sites like Facebook “likes”, Twitter “tweets,” Pinterest “pins” as well as customer reviews on sites like Yelp. Off-page links and mentions give search engines a good idea of how other websites and users perceive the value of your website. This off-site buzz directly affects your rankings on search engines.

Complimentary 4-Point SEO Check-up

After our 4-Point SEO Check-up, we will have a much better idea of your current situation. We will meet with you

to talk about the opportunities and challenges we’ve uncovered in your website. And you can tell us what your
goals are for your business and your website.
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