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Client Raves

“Thank you for being the webmaster that you are. I have heard complaints from ALOT of people, that they have problems with their websites, and it takes forever to even reach their webmaster, let alone get the problem solved. THANK YOU for NOT being like one of those. You have always been there for us, QUICK to respond, trouble shoot our concern and set our minds at ease, that everything is working like you set it up. You are like a gaurdian angel over us, and I just wanted to tell you that we APPRECIATE you and the professionalism you always show us. We are So glad we went with you to design our website, and then watch over it and us. We can always count on you EVAN. God Bless you and THANKS again.”

Rick Klemencic


(Cybermed Marketing is now RyePoint Internet Marketing)

“It feels so good when my customers actually come to my shop because of my website. The power of the internet is amazing, especially when you have a great company like Cybermed Marketing [now RyePoint Internet Marketing] to guide you all the way!”

Tai Nguyn


“I would like to thank you for the great opportunity to design and publish my own website! I also want to thank you for the great customer service; it’s a breath of fresh air in today’s world. Editing my website is easy and convenient. Thanks again for all that you
do and this great service!”

John McCormick
“We have recently had our website completely redesigned by Evan. These professionals had helped us make our website come alive. Our experience with them along the way was very delightful. They were very helpful guiding us through the process. We basically put it in there hands, and what a wonderful job they’ve done! We would like to thank Evan for all of his help and would gladly recommend him for your projects.”

Debbie Defazio

WF Mold Company

“Sales are coming in on a steady basis. About one new sale each day or one very 2-3 days. There is a definite increase in traffic. Since your company optimized our websites the sales are happening! I have several orders for Kinotakara and a several new orders for Botanic Gold.”

Wayne McDonald

Our Familys Health

“CybermedSites [a division of RyePoint] has been a blessing when it comes to creating a website for my business. The website builder they offer not only makes it easy to construct a website, but also fun as well. There are so many choices for templates, color schemes, graphics and other site building options. I have yet to find a task that I cannot accomplish with this amazing site builder. The customer service is wonderful as well. My questions are always answered well within 24 hours, and the instructions are very clear and precise. I recommend CybermedSites to anyone looking for a complete and extensive website building program.”

Tori Harden

Hardens Handyman

“Thank you very much! Great customer service!”

Tatu Metal Art

Annie Bacon

“I just looked at the site. You are the greatest. It looks very good. Thank you for implementing the layout changes I made last week.”

Steve Brown

Events Near Me

“I highly recommend Evan Caulfield because of his personal attention and follow-up on every issue. Without a doubt, Evan is the best on-line professional friend I have ever had.”

Cleve Phillips

Sona Diamond Jewelry

I am very impressed with your service.

Greg Landis

Pro Tech Security Servcies, Inc

I had an idea to design a website to help people find a roommate. Evan turned that idea into an interactive website. The website has nice format and a clear presentation. It includes a home page and a search page that allows the user to search for a roommate using different criteria. Evan worked real hard and designed a really great website.

Neal Dickman

Nova Roomates, Inc

“Awesome!!!!!!!!!!… So far… probably 12 good referrals and 2 firm sales…. It took me years to get around to updating my website and now that I have, I can’t believe how much time it saves me to be able to send people to website for info and to contact me. More people are seeing site and actually staying… I got 5 more requests for pricing yesterday and 1, I am measuring for a sale today…. Great Job…”

Al Bruch

Shower Door King

“I have been very pleased with the service I have received from Evan Caulfield. I have employed his company’s services for several years now. One of the best things about Cybermed [now RyePoint] is the personal attention and one on one service. I can call his office and speak with him at any time and I know that I will be speaking with someone who knows who I am and what I need. I highly recommend Cybermed Marketing.”

Krisjan Berzins

Kingstowne Lawn

“Evan designed a creative, functional, sleek website for my sports magazine. Although we have since changed our name from The Fanatic to Wahoo Wire, Evan’s original plans were the primary inspirations for our new site wahoowire.com. I recommend Evan to anyone looking to start a site, or anyone looking to beef up the traffic for an existing site.”

Jesse Spears

Wahoo Wire

“Everything on the website seems to be working wonderfully and you did a great job on the portfolio pics.”
Rob Groff
“Our website has introduced us to many new customers we could never have reached before. We always receive so many compliments from them, too. They appreciate the professionalism we convey and the way we’ve made it so easy for them to make a perfect selection for their occasion.”

Gloria Klemencic

Glory Be Cakes

“You did it, Evan. You’re my angel. I could NEVER have done this page.”

Elizabeth Anderson

Emotional Longevity

“I just wanted to let you know that I’m very pleased with CybermedSites [a division of RyePoint] service. It’s easy to maintain and user-friendly. My friends and supporters admire the layout, sound and especially the guest book feature. Keep up the good work and will recommend you to my fellow DJs and business partners. Thank you very much.”

Angelo Cortez

DJ Angelo Cortezvity

“Our company greatly appreciates the assistance we have gotten from Evan at CybermedSites [a division of RyePoint] . He was a huge help in making our DNS changes proceed so quickly and he responded to all of our emails in a very timely manner. He has gone over and beyond the call of duty when providing us with much needed technical assistance. We would like to thank Evan and everyone else at CybermedSites for their assistance. We look forward to doing more business with your company in the future!”

Dave York

Auto Banc Online

“I’ve worked with a number of SEO suppliers; the best by far is Cybermed SEO (a division of RyePoint) , which achieves first page placements and tremendous increase in site traffic at a reasonable price. My clients have been so satisfied that they regularly send me referrals, which are now a significant portion of my business. It’s a no-nonsense, hands-on approach, and Evan Caulfield is great to work with.”

David Conway


“Hello Ev..
I want to thank you for setting me up in ClickCartPro..I realize after so many years, just how good this software program actually is..Some rate it the best in the world..And my greatest enjoyment is adding new items of great beauty in the store for the world to see..You made all of this possible, and probably hear very little from anyone..Thank you for making my life a lot better..”

Cleve Phillips
“Evan is a not only an excellent web developer but he is also a great guy. I have had Evan working on my site for many years. He’s honest, trustworthy and his prices are reasonable.”

Krisjan Berzins

Great Christmas Lights

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