At RyePoint, we believe that information is power, that’s why we publish helpful information about our industry here on our Blog. Topics range from WordPress Website Design and Development, Search Engine Optimization, Google Local SEO, Social Media Marketing and Video Production Services.

College Expectations

College expectations, I don’t even know where to start. Lately, at least the last few years, I’ve been thinking that I wanted to go into business… I still do, but now it seems different. Even though I’m not sure what my college expectations are, but I feel like that...

How to Make A Website

First thing first, before you do anything related to starting to make a website, you must brainstorm or storyboard what you want your website to be or look like. Just so you know what I mean by storyboarding, it is drawing out different aspects of each page so you can...

Developing Customer-Centered Sites

Every single website developer or designer has their own way of creating a website, but is it the best way to attract and maintain customers? There’s actually a 7 step process for developing a website. The first step in almost any process is to understand your target...

Social Media Marketing Tips

Everyone seems to be on social media, and if you aren’t people are really surprised. Since I am a teenager, everyone assumes I am on some social media platform, whether it is Instagram or Snapchat. People are always shocked when I tell them I don’t really use social...

Making the Most of Website Design Patterns

Website Design Patterns. What exactly are they? Without a doubt you have heard that word, but what does it actually mean in the website design world? I know when I hear the word pattern, I think back to elementary school, when they were teaching us that patterns are...


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